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In love with... #6: the cape

Evening, blog friends. This post is a special one because my outfit comes from a special place. As I posted before, this is clearly the coat & heavy cardigan season. With this, we mustn't forget the capes. I know, I know it's all a bit 'The Little Red Riding Hood' story... But! You absolutely cannot deny the come back of the capes this year and the need we have to get our hands on them. Because of this, I got my perfect cape made just for me by Verde Agua's atelier. It does sound all Portuguese I know but the demand is such that I'm sure it will be soon (if not yet) shipping the beauties abroad. 

In love yet? Want one? You have lots to pick from - decide the cape and fur colour, the hood's pattern and if you want a little golden detail in the front. Learn more about these super cheap & trendy lovelies on Verde Agua's Facebook page here. Like the page, have a browse and private message them for more details!

Cape: Verde Agua
Jeans: Topshop
Jumper: ASOS
Shoes: Eureka

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