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Portuguesey @ Chef Nino

And I'm back with the Portuguese delights. This one is a brunch type of place that I definitely try to go to when I'm in Lisbon. The place is amazing, the people are super nice and the food is absolutely delicious with that hint of healthiness that doesn't make you feel like you have to run to the gym right after. 

The place

Chef Nino is located in Lisbon, at Lx Factory - which tells you straightaway the kind of place that is. With the same Shoreditch touch as my last post, it's even more cozy and tiny, making you feel like you are just having brunch at a friend's. Surprisingly, I've been there twice and never had to wait for a table - which would never ever happen in London.

The people 

You can pretty much find everyone here. Cute families full of kids, quiet little couples, friends having the weekend catch up... What you can't find is massive tables with huge groups - the place is too tiny for that.

The food

The best place for me. Why? Because it makes the choices easier and I don't have to be indecisive for about 15 min to then prefer my neighbour's meal. They have a set brunch with variants in some ingredients, drinks and desert/coffee. 

They bring you this amazing bread plate at the start while they tell you the variants of the day. Trust me, by this time you're already convinced.

I went for the Brie with honey & nuts - in one word, yum.

Jo tried the ham & chorizo, with black olive patĂȘ. Both came with a glass of carrot soup just at the right temperature, yogurt & cereal for desert, salad with lettuce, rocket and pasta, and a square of spinach quiche. De-li-ci-ous.

The best part of all of this is that all of it is incredibly cheap. Which makes you want to come back even more. Especially when you make a random request of a bit of bread & butter for the way - to feed a starving nephew and niece that came to pick me up - and they are more than happy to get it. 

You can know more about Chef Nino at their Facebook page here. And because this place never stops pleasing us, they are actually known for their ice creams which you can also have a look on their page and pick your favourite to have after your brunch!

Two very happy girls with a full stomach - miss you already Jo <3

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