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The blazer issue

My dearest friends, I come in peace to express my frustrations and give a bit of a tip on a peculiar subject. I'm pretty sure the majority of men who are potentially reading this never even thought about what I'm about to say so this is for you. And some women too, don't think you can leave your seat!

So you know when the winter starts, it gets a bit chilly and you go to your fav shop to get a new blazer or a new coat for the season? Well, if you pick a decent one, it will come with a little cross made by sewing lines on the back, right at the bottom, in the centre of it. This is to keep it within its form and it's there for a reason. Although, this reason stops existing when you actually WEAR the coat/blazer. This is to be cut!!! Like a price tag, you see? Do not walk down the road thinking you're rocking a cool one with the little cross in the end that makes you look like a coat hanger! Makes sense?! 

Ok, that's all.

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