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Do people still fall over in bathrooms?!

Or is that just in films? I've always thought things like falling over in the bathroom, leaving the house in your pajamas or breaking the heel in the middle of the road only happened to that stupid Bridget Jones and Co. Well not the last one as she's so clumsy and ridiculous she can't wear heels - yes, I hate Bridget Jones and Bridesmaids and all those stupid (mainly English) films made for sad women to think it's ok to be ugly, fat and clumsy that they will still get the prince. No, it's not ok. And no, you won't get the prince. Moving on.

Truth is, today I felt like one of these women. I don't consider myself that super clumsy person that knocks over every object on the table or breaks every glass on the sink - hate leaving glasses on the sink just to avoid that and actually, at home, this person is the Beef. Butter hands. Think my sister would disagree though, as she used to give me the looks when I was a free soul child eventually embarrassing her in public. She also thinks little Vasco has to get his clumsiness from someone so I'm the chosen one. 

Anyway, I like to think I'm not too bad but today I was. 7am, still half asleep, went to the bathroom to have my morning shower. All fine until I decided not to lift my knee high enough and get stuck between the bath tub and its stupid glass door - these modern things, wouldn't have happened with a good old curtain! Result: flew through the bathroom, completely naked, ending up with my face on the floor and a bloody lip. Perfect. Just perfect.

I won't show you my leg as it's ugly, inappropriate and it ruins my reputation. 

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