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Techno Berlin day’n’night

Hellooo! You all good? I am, trying to find time to write a bit on my lovely pink platform! Christmas’ madness is coming and with that, all the dinners and parties and crazy English celebrations that seem endless. I love it obvs. Still haven’t changed my ringtone to All I want for Christmas is you though…

That said, here are some snaps of my short-but-crazy Berlin experience. I was dyiiiing to go as everyone said it was this AMAZING thing. Well, as some of you already heard, I didn’t find it that super awesome bucket list type of thing. To be noted:

- I was only there for a weekend, meaning I had one full day to visit the main attractions;
- It was a girls weekend, just 2 of us, not big fans of techno clubs;
- We were based on the East side as it’s meant to be the good and fun one but then again they say that about East London and that’s just not true;
- It was 1 degree for most of the time… Nothing to add to that.

Now, my comments:

- The whole city was under building work. Maybe they have a specific time of the year when they start all the ‘refurbishing’ – is it for Christmas?!... Otherwise it’s just weird, complemented by random pipes in the middle of the roads that were only cool because they were pink;
- No one seems to know anything about the city. “Where can we find some places to shop?”, Hmm there’s nothing just a shopping centre; “Where can we go get a drink before going out in East?”, Hmm we don’t have bars, or coffees, or pubs – you just go mental with pills and alcohol to the prisons clubs, I presume?!;
- The Berlin Wall is tiny, thinner than a Victoria Secret model and probably not taller than the tallest guy on Guiness;
- The centre of East, Alexanderplatz (where we were staying) is like Colombo in the middle of 2a Circular. For the English people, it’s like 2 huge shopping centres in the middle of a motorway – gigantic buildings, with super large roads with like 5 lanes each way! Ines and I got there at 1am Friday and it was so deserted we thought we were in the furthest place possible from the centre.
- Lastly, as my friend Lightly said, it’s a city built on techno. Which sucks for someone that hates techno music. And techno people and clothes. But I guess I should have known that.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t go Tresor if you don’t like techno and prison cells in general. Something I would like to have known beforehand.

Other than the above, we did have a good time. Loads of gossip, ate really well – the restaurants are amazing as they have all sorts of food in each place: Italian, tapas, sandwiches, fish, meat, all of it! And, more importantly, cocktails! Yoohoo! Met some cool people in an awesome shop I still need to advertise on the blog, lots of randoms on the tube (standard tourist!), more randoms outside the craziest club ever… All the perks of a girls city break really.

Enough with the talking, enjoy some photos! x

Berlin – I will come back, for a longer and maybe a bit more researched experience. If anyone is living in Berlin please let me know – I’m getting lazy and only visiting cities where I have wise friends to tell me where to go!

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