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In love with... #3

My new ankle boots! They're a result of that thing that annoys us the most - being in middle sizes. ARGH.

Mum gave me some awesome high heel camel ankle boots for my birthday. Looooved them. She was so sweet that sent them through my friends so I could get them on my birthday day. Cute. Size 37 - too big. I walked and they fell off my feet. Not very classy. Posted them back to exchange for size 36. She posted them back again to the Beef - too small. Hurting like crazy. ARGH. Gave up and went to the shop to try size 37 again and see what to do. Change of plans, fell in love with these beauties. Problem solved.

Ankle Boots: Eureka Shoes

Have a look at their website. It's all Made in Portugal - therefore with an amazing quality HA! - but you can get it online!

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