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What I'm wrapped up in #16

Morning little pies! Everyone alright? I’ve definitely had a better morning than yesterday, no bathroom incidents – just a sore bum and leg! Andddd… I’m going to Berlim today! Yoohoo! My friend from school was there this week for a conference (I love having important friends!) and suggested a girlie weekend in that awesome city I’ve never been. Exciting stuff. 

This is my outfit today for the trip (after work!) – comfy casual, with a cheeky see-through top just in case we end up going to a fancy bar before I have the chance to change! Only going for the weekend but I’m sure I’ll have some cool pictures and outfits to post on Monday… Laters! x

Coat: Pull&Bear
Shirt: Primark
Lacy Mini Top (underneath the shirt): H&M
Jeans: H&M
Bag: Urban Outfitters
Wedgy Trainers (obvs!): Aldo

One thoughts on “What I'm wrapped up in #16

  1. também quero ir a Berlim! Not fair haha Adoro o outfit :)


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