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What I'm wrapped up in @ Berlin

Olaaa friends! Sorry for the no-posts-weekend but as you know I went to crazy Berlin and had no internet, obvs - so good to come back to my lovely 3G/WiFi-that-works. So Berlin was 1 degree cold and had to keep my awesome fur coat on pretty much all the time but typically in these cold countries the places inside are all soooo warm. So here's my outfit for Saturday night when we went clubbing - I mean, we tried but think we were probably the only 2 souls in that very dark club that weren't on drugs... I'll leave this discussion for a dedicated post on Techno Berlin day'n'night kind of thing!

In love with my tiger dress though! ✌

Dress: River Island
Denim shirt: Pull & Bear
Wedgy Trainers (obvs!): Aldo
Phone Cover: Urban Ourfitters
New Lipstick + Nail Varnish: Kiko

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