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Isabel Marant @ H&M

OMG. Of course everyone's already well aware of this but had to share my enthusiasm! Yes, we will all be able to buy Isabel Marant's clothes at H&M on the 14th November. And yes, it will be the best day of our lives. Whoaaa, let's not push it that far. To be honest I'm not a fan since forever. As you've probably noticed, I don't really get into the whole Designer/Couture thing if it's not for my pocket. It's just a thing I have, if I can't buy it why drooling at the displays on the King's Road every day or make Net-a-Porter my homepage?! It will only make me sad. So I try to keep myself up to date (obvs!) without suffering too much. You should try it, it's good for you.

Anyway, since I made my way into the blogosphere and started falling in love with Sincerely Jules and Lizzy Van der Ligt's blogs, I started to crave some of Isabel Marant's MUST HAVE clothes. I find her style quite cool, that casual chic you can look good in any occasion. And, most importantly, she has some statement pieces that make your wardrobe stand out!

Will definitely be there on the 14th, hoping it doesn't turn out to be like Primark on sale! If that's the case, Isabel Marant will have to wait as I'm not losing my hair over it...

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