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Bonfire Night - Where is the bonfire?!

Says the History that yesterday was a memorable day. Why? Well apparently that was this mental guy, named Guy Fawkes, that decided to set the Big Ben on fire on November 5th, 1605... And failed. Since then, and because I'm in England and this only happens in England, November 5th is Bonfire Night. Now one would think there is a super famous bonfire like the Uni parties in American movies. Not really. As far as I know - there might be some very devoted Brits making their own bonfires in the middle of nowhere I don't know about - there's no special bonfire in London or at least no one took me there. I was expecting something really deep and historical, with some kind of weird tradition of throwing your regrets to the fire and restart a new life. I know, I've probably been watching Vampire Diaries too much. Nevertheless, there is something happening on this date every year - fireworks and A LOT OF TRAFFIC. 

There I was, coming back from some work training in the country side, after 3 lovely hours of traffic, when decided to be a nice girlfriend and ask the Beef if he wanted to go see the fireworks. Stupid, stupid girl. You see, this is one of those things in a relationship where we swap places. Of courseeee I don't care about fireworks. And of courseeee he does. Like a child on Christmas morning. So we went to Crystal Palace to the big event. What an experience! Don't even need to say it was impossible to circulate on the roads. Cars everywhere, people everywhere, kids with stupid swords everywhere. The Beef asks for cash - "why do you need cash?! Oh, 5£ entry in a public park just to see some fireworks. They must be some reeeeal good ones. Walk in the park, mud everywhere. I mean proper mud. All over my Topshop boots. *SCREAM*. The fireworks are on. I must admit it is quite cool. Fireworks are that cool thing you need to see to understand. You can’t explain properly, you can’t take proper photos and you can barely remember it after it’s gone. I think it’s weird like that. Disappointment of the night: there was no last-one. You know, that last big moment when there is a giant explosion that makes you ‘whoaaa’. No, finished, just like that.

Now you ask – “Where are the photos? Or just one cute romantic one to prove you are a good girlfriend and so he remembers forever you went with him even if you were so hungry you could eat a whole cow?” – Phone died. Right before it started.

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