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Thursday's email most hated of all times...

And the oscar for the most annoying and not welcome email of all times goes to... Transport For London!!! Yoohoo. 

Even if we are in a reasonable OK mood on a Thursday morning, everything goes down the window when you get a pop up message with the lovely title Weekend line and station closures. Whyyyyyy? Howwww? How in hell do they have so much work to do EVERY weekend in the train/tube lines? Seriously. They are train lines for God's sake. Fair enough I'm not an expert in train's material or anything related. I understand it must be very hard and very complicated to build those awesome infrastructures that take us every day of the week to work easily and all that. But give us a bloody break!

Every single time I open my inbox, click on it and it goes:

"Dear Miss ...,

We are undertaking a comprehensive improvement programme across London’s transport network, including the modernisation of the Tube."

My immediate thought goes within the lines of:

"You F-ing Little C***-Sucker-Mother-F*****s!"

Ok, sometimes if I'm in a better mood than today I'll just go "Those little bastards!". But then I have a quick look at the lines affected at the same time the other side of my brain is working out what are my plans for the weekend and a hint of anger passes through my eyes until I forget about it and go back to what I was doing.

I would like to take this moment to make a small request to the lovely Transport For London people asking for ONE, one and only, just one little one, weekend without any works anywhere! WOW! How amazing would that be?! Then we will all be so grateful that hopefully no one will jump in front of a train for a whooole week. And I mean a week, it's a long time if you think about it.

Yours Sincerely,

Not So Anonymous But Slightly Upset Customer

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