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Is it me or Groupon's website is unnavigable?

New word of the day: unnavigable. Something that is incapable of being navigated. Something that after all your efforts trying to go to a Homepage or something as basic as that, you just can't do. Something like Groupon's website, you see?

I've given some thought to this a couple of times. I know, I must have a lot of spare time in my hands. But I seriously thought about Groupon's website in the lines of: "Am I an idiot?", "Why can I not go back to Home or general Getaways?", "I must be doing something wrong, this can't be that hard, I'm a geek after all...". Fact is, every time I go on Groupon's website:

1st, I have to be redirected by the weekly email I get in my inbox (after opting out of the 4 a day you get when you sign in - has anyone heard of Clash Management or Air Traffic Control? Clearly not). If I go straight to the website it will ask me to sign up (again), put the city I live in (again) and it will reject my email (again) as I've already signed up in the past.

2nd, If I try to log in (when I'm lucky enough for them to give me that option), it says my email is wrong, my password is wrong, everything is wrong and I click 'Forgot password?' in vain, as it doesn't send me s***.

3rd, Once I'm there - redirected from the Getaways email - I absolutely cannot go to the general Getaways for that day or week. Because I was redirected, having to click in one specific deal (since there is no Call to Action button to go to the Homepage), I get stuck in like Worcestershire or some other middle-of-nowhere kind of place.

Why? Why, Grouponers, are you so damn obssessed with having my precious email address that you don't care about my beautiful (and potentially profitable for you) online experience? I was here so excited to book a weekend getaway and puff, nothing happened. Other than me getting angry at my screen and Your website crashing my Internet Explorer. Thanks for that.

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