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FavSongOfTheDay #4

Heard this on Saturday night, in a club in Bromley. You ask: 'What the hell were you doing in Bromley?!'. Well, the Beef lives in what I call the country side so went shopping around there and ended up in a pub playing pool and listening to very loud music. Needless to say we went shopping for him and I'm the one who brought a whole new wardrobe home...

Look Right Through (MK Dub III)

By Storm Queen

2 thoughts on “FavSongOfTheDay #4

  1. boa escolha.
    Defected não falha!
    Tens um blog catita afilhada :)
    Força aí nas terras de sua majestade :P

    1. Ohh thanks! Ainda bem que gostas! Boa sorte para o Baja Portalegre :) que pena nao estar ai senao ia de certeza! Kiss


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