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Are you a Londoner?

When you live in London, you realise there is the need to make plans during the week. It’s just something that MUST happen. Before I moved to England, my weeks were pretty normal. Coffee here, snack there, go to Uni/work, dinner sometimes when there is something to celebrate and that was it. And by week I mean Monday to Friday. The fun stuff always happened at the weekend. I dare saying that Lisbon in general works a bit like that. If people are not on holidays, a normal week doesn't involve much planning before Friday. But not in London my friends, no. If you want to be a Londoner, you have to have at least 2 busy nights between Monday and Thursday (or even Wednesday). There’s no going-home-after-work 2 days in a row, you loser! 

I must say I started noticing this when I moved in with my lovely (not real) twin. She’s pretty English and therefore… is never home! If I tell you that there are weeks we don’t see each other at all, I’m not lying. So let’s see:

Monday – is usually a quiet day as the Brits like to convince themselves they are not alcoholics because they don’t drink on Mondays - the Beef tells me this every week. Fail.
Tuesday – you need to go out as you were home the night before. So book dinner somewhere, maybe with the boyf or the best friend, something casual and not too crazy.
Wednesday – is the new Thursday. Everything is (supposedly) less busy and cheaper than on a Thursday and it’s mid-week so you’re allowed to get sh*tfaced.
Thursday – it’s THE night out of the week, if you are not hungover from yesterday. If you are, you need to go out anyway because you probably have some work drinks booked in.
Friday – you need to celebrate the weekend, right? Of course so at least dinner with friends (with wine or cocktails involved) just so you don’t get so ruined that you can’t go out tomorrow too.

And you have the weekend. Which (no doubt) involves drinking on Saturday and sit on your pants eating Domino’s on Sunday (is that just me?!).

So this week I've been a good girl and filled in my diary with dinner dates every day. Yay me. And guess what? They are pretty much all in Burger places! Yoohoo. Who’s going to be a little ball of a person on Monday, who is? I’ll let you know which one was the best one though. You see, I know about burgers…

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