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Naked, the ugly juice

I've been given one of this precious bottles this morning on my way to work. The promoters were all very funny and loud - some of them screaming catchy phrases like "Get juicy, get naked" (!!!), the direct marketing strategies these days go above and beyond what I consider normal but anyways.

So they gave me this lovely bottle of Naked, apple, pineapple and kiwi juice smoothie that apparently - I was told as soon as I got to the office - costs around 3 pounds. I must say I'm not a massive fan of juices, let alone smoothies (hate thick drinks and you can stop right there with the dirty jokes!) but there are a couple of factors I take in consideration before I buy any kind of juice:

- Brand; We all know we care about brands whether we can afford it or not. Brand and presentation of the product.
- Price; For obvious reasons.
- Colour; Now this might be just me but doesn't everyone look at the colour of the juice before getting it? I mean, are you seriously going to buy some black s*** even if it says orange & mango on the label?!

Well I'm not. So here's my disappointment towards this thing. It's dark green, people. Not even dark green, it's grey. Grey like the water gets after mopping the floor! Grey like those disgusting smoothies girls take when they're on a diet! Why in hell would I want to drink that?! Especially when it has 255 calories + 52g sugars!!?

I'm shocked everyone is super fine with this so I had to post it. With the amount of money they are spending with this promotion (the guys are out there since 8 am, nonstop), could they not put some pounds aside to introduce a little food colouring and make it a tiny bit more appealing? Just saying...

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