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The Bling Ring = The Waste of Time

This Sunday was one of those useless days I sometimes love. Spent in front of the TV, eating really bad food while it was raining like crazy outside - standard England. So after some crappy series (Made in Chelsea's 1st episode of Season 6 included), decided to finally watch this (apparent) Hollywood Hit everyone was talking about a while ago.

To note I was quite excited to watch The Bling Ring. Well, give me LA, give me celebs, give me designer clothes and I'm happy. Especially when this is all combined with pretty girls partying around and all the girlie rom-coms like that. Starting on Pitch Perfect and ending on Mean Girls, I'm all over that. So imagine my surprise, after watching 10 minutes of this script-less, humour-less, reality-less thing turning into a massive disappointment. There's literally nothing. No story, no dialogues, no entertainment, no good characters, nothing! Other than the clothes they wear, post robbing Paris Hilton's mansion. After some digging and dismissing the 100 reviews that talk about how amazing Emma Watson is in it (?!! Couldn't disagree more...), found the perfect comment that pretty much summarises my opinion about this film:

"Her (Sofia Coppola's) movie turns out to be an even more airheaded version of Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers: a non-judgmental, over-repetitive, soulless account of dim-witted young people behaving badly. The good news is that most of Coppola’s movie, unlike Korine’s, is competently shot.  The bad news is that it’s even more of a wasted opportunity.", Daily Mail

Just.Perfect. Couldn't describe it better myself. My first thought was exactly "There can't be worse than the Spring Breakers...". In fact, Spring Breakers still wins as the most pointless film I've ever seen. And, totally agreeing with Daily Mail, it's terribly shot. It just doesn't make sense. A bunch of silly girls, running around in the same bikini the whole 94 minutes of film, slutting it around with the most disgusting guys out there. Well The Bling Ring is the rich version of it: a bunch of silly girls (and one very weird gay-or-not boy) running around in awesome designer clothes, slutting it around in fancy LA clubs. But don't forget the drugs part of it. Of course both have these girls disgracing themselves with lines of coke and bongs of weed.


One thoughts on “The Bling Ring = The Waste of Time

  1. Agreed! I was really looking forward to this film but when I saw it, it was a mega-dissapointment!!!!! Especially since I'd spent so much time looking for a clean streaming link - waste of time!!! Seemed like it could have been so good :(


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