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From Fashion to High-Tech...

OMG OMG OMG. That’s right, fashion lovers. Burberry’s CEO Angela Ahrendts is off to the States (back home, for her) to head the Strategy team of our favourite techy company – Apple.


I’m mega excited about this. Don’t know why I’m so thrilled really but I think I’m a bit of a feminist deep down. I still think people (a.k.a men!) take the piss sometimes just because we are women in a men’s world. Fact is, this is the 21st Century. And there shouldn’t be such silly concepts anymore. But working with Data every day I can’t help noticing, when I have to go to IT or some support team, the hint on their looks and a little imaginary thinking balloon saying “you stupid girl, what have you broken now? Just restart your machine, don’t you know that is the solution for everything?!”. Yep, true story, say what you want.


Back to the main subject, I am really happy some of the Big Ones are recognising the value of some really awesome women around the world. I must admit I never really came across the work Angela Ahrendts did with Burberry. It’s a brand that doesn’t really tell me much, I was never a big fan of the check pattern - probably because it was my Grandmother’s favourite and I always thought it was for when I grew older. But apparently – and I was told off by the Beef as I missed a couple of interesting workshops at work about this –  she was responsible for the first Flagship Store in Regent’s Street that is pretty awesome.


A couple of photos to make you want to drop everything and run to Central London's madness –


“The existing store on Regent Street has undergone a fashion fabulous facelift and has been turned in to a walk-in website, mirroring the label's fashion forward digital world and offering a totally new shopping experience for the West End.” Daily Mail


Clap clap clap to Angela Ahrendts who is now another true inspiration! Hopefully she’ll make the Apple Stores even more incredible than they are and, preferably, all pink.




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