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Baby or AC?! The saga continues...

Flew yesterday from Greece to London. Great holiday, definitely recommend if you're looking for cocktails, pool relax, awesome see through blue sea and some funny stories to tell. Definitely do not recommend if you're coming back at 11pm and haven't slept properly for about 5 days. 

I admit it, I am totally anti Air Conditioning. I hate it. It's artificial, it's always way colder than what it's supposed to be, and it gives me the worst sore throat that you could possibly imagine. Needless to say my beef loves it. Typical. -16 degrees and the windows open, 'I'm sooooooooooo hot I think I'm gonna die'. Yeah, just like that. 

But anyway, after I arrived in the UK feeling like my tonsils were going to burst in tears at any minute (the tonsils, me, everyone really), I found myself facing a dilemma. I posted on Facebook a while ago something like: "I love babies. Babies are cute, everyone loves them. But why do they always have to be in my flight?!". Yes, it's something that tortures me inside. And outside. BABIES IN MY PLANE, crying like some insane creatures and making me doubt if I should jump out of the window. Literally.

So what's worse: a baby crying like it's being eaten by an alligator slowly and painfully and the lovely parents doing NOTHING about it; or, the Siberia that gets installed inside the plane as soon as we take off? 

Decisions, decisions...

One thoughts on “Baby or AC?! The saga continues...

  1. Screaming baby is worse! I love ACE...wrap yourself up in a cosy blanket and go all Siberia style


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