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The why.

It’s been a while since I wanted to start a blog. And by a while I mean about 5 years or more. The question has always been between the ‘About what?’ and ‘How do I fit it all in there?’. I’m sure this is no news to anyone who has a blog (or has tried to have one... and failed) but I get really itchy when I have to do something that millions have done before. It's like a disease spreading all over my body. Not really, but you get the idea. So let's try and make this a bit different. A bit more stupid. Anyway.

I’ve started to put together a Mind List – yes, I am a girl and I love lists but am also too lazy to write stuff down unless I have a new pink pad and/or pink pen (obsessions, obsessions, we’ll come to that…) – with everything I would like to cover in my blog. So we've got – 
  • Fashion – that was easy. THE very first obsession and one of the main subjects of this blog. Please click the little cross on the top right corner of your screen if you don’t like fashion or you will be bored.
Within fashion, I also knew something else. By fashion I mean Street Fashion. You know, the kind of things we can all wear and look good every day so we don’t feel like the world is going down and we’re super mega depressed because there’s nothing to wear in that tiny (read: giant) wardrobe. Yes, that kind of Fashion. Not that I don’t like the whole couture, top models, super-duper famous fashion designers. It’s just because, let’s be honest, my wallet doesn't let me.Yet. It will, one day, and I will love writing about Chanel, Prada and Givenchy bags and Manolos or Louboutins that only Carrie Bradshaw can wear without breaking her feet. I might mention these now but it will probably under the title ‘Daddy I really want…’ rather than ‘Shopping from last week…’.
  • Girls’ Reality – that was also easy. The target of this blog was obvious from the very beginning. Boys, I will be more than happy for you to have a read – you might find some tips on how to survive the craziness of a girl or the next best gift for Birthday or Xmas (I hate Valentine’s Day) – but if you have a terrible fear of words like ‘period’, ‘cellulites’ or ‘pink’, I suggest you recommend this to your girlfriend/wife (obviously!) and go read Sky Sports. Or, you can just focus on the GeekFactOfTheDay section.
Let’s face it, we all have the same issues/dramas/stupidities/endless-problems-that-seem-very-big-but-are-not. There’s some of us a bit more crazy/mad/out-of-this-world or, as my sister like to call it in Portuguese, ‘destravadas e despachadonas’ (don’t translate, it won’t work) but at the end of the day we’ve all been there. So let’s get all our frustrations out so we don’t take it on our boyfriends that don’t (always) deserve it.
  • Gossip
Well… I’m not Blair Waldorf because I don’t have nearly as many fancy clothes (or just clothes full stop) or the pleasure to live in a gigantic Upper East Side mansion. But I do like a good story to start a day. Or finish. Or just at any time. So I'll probably make some comments to what's going on outside of my pink bubble, if I actually care. Some funny ones, nothing to be taken too seriously. 
  • Portugal vs. London
I’m Portuguese. And I like it. I will complain about my country. And complain about the country I live in. I will also say lovely things and to-do things in both. And there will be words/posts in both languages. Mostly because there are words I have no idea how to say in English so I make them up. Biiiig time. I think this will end up being the very big purpose of my blog. I really want to be able to share my English frustrations by screaming in words every time someone asks me what are my plans for the weekend or what I've eaten for lunch. WHO THE HELL CARES. Anyway. I think I'll dedicate a post to that. 

So that's pretty much it. For now. 


Little M

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