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Portuguesey @ Empadaria do Chef

Oh.My.Lord. I'm already freaking obsessed with the Portuguese pastries since I was born but this place is a complete delight. [For my English friends, I mean savoury pastries, not deserts.] Owned by a super famous Portuguese Chef - José Avillez (check his website here) - the Empadaria do Chef turns one of the Portuguese specialities in something quick, easy, affordable and still incredibly chic. 

The place

The decoration is absolutely lo-ve-ly. Located inside the Armazéns do Chiado, the mini shopping centre in Chiado, it's the perfect place to pop by and have a quick meal before going back to the touristy stuff. It's super quick, no queues, and you have lots of tables across all the other restaurants so no waiting either. And the actual stand just makes you paint your kitchen blue straightaway.

The Food

I don't even need to go into much detail here. It's just amazing. If you like pastries, then you're in heaven. If you don't, then try it because that's about to change. You have just the right amount of options you need - enough to leave me in my indecisive mode. I went for the Vitela & Espinafres (Beef & Spinach) one, with rice and salad as sides. But please go more than once so you can try the others - and let me know, obvs.

Traditional chicken, Prawn, Beef & Spinach, Chorizo... A whole variety to make your mouth water!

The Menus that make your life easier...

The sides: White rice, Tomato rice, Salad...

The desserts: Lime mousse and Chocolate cake

Convinced yet?! Check out their Facebook page here and then there will be no doubts...

2 thoughts on “Portuguesey @ Empadaria do Chef

  1. Tenho de ir!!! E já foste à Hamburgaria do Bairro e à Iogurtaria do Bairro? Fui às duas a semana passada. Tão, mas tão, booooom!

  2. Ja fui a Hamburgueria do Bairro, e' optima tambem! A Iogurtaria ainda nao, fica para a Pascoa :) x


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