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A day with a twin.

My high school lovely came to visit a (little...) while ago for the first time since I moved to London. Unacceptable, I know. As most of my visits, she was staying for a long weekend which means I had to fit all the 345 things I wanted to show her in a couple of days. As I was working on Friday (and have seen the Big Ben and the London Eye about 1200 times), told her to do the touristic bits by giving her a little plan to follow - not nearly as good as my friends Joana's itineraries, of course, but still OK ish. The poor thing had bad luck and had to face the coldest & rainiest day we had in ages so by the time she met me on Friday all she wanted (and me, tired as I was!) was a quiet dinner & a catch up.

The next day, we got up early & full of strength and were presented with some sun - what a delight. 

And what's the best way of starting a Saturday in London? Yep, bruuuunch.

I chose Brew for being mega close to home & the most delicious. I just love going there and pretty much ordering the same thing all the time.

I went for the scrambled eggs & chorizo on toast - my fav. And I convinced Inês to try the typical Eggs Benedict, a must if you've never had before.

The look on her face says it all. Then I had my one & only milkshake - the Oreo one, that is literally to die for! Inês went for the fresh Lemonade to make me feel fatty.

After brunch, we headed to my fav place to take people on a Saturday - Portobello Market. I mentioned before here that this was a very expensive day. Below you can see why. 

Portobello never disappoints. The sun was out, the market was as lively as ever and we had a great time popping in every little shop to check it out. Sadly, we were still ridiculously full and weren't able to try the market food. But managed to spend our money somewhere else...

[Inês fell in love with this skirt, obvs.]

And because we weren't satisfied (or I wasn't satisfied!), we took the bus to Oxford Street to check out Forever 21, Topshop, Disney and M&M store. Can never give these 4 a miss, even the last one, that I think I would know my way in there blindfolded - disgraceful!

[Still can't sleep at night because of these slip-on babies from Aldo. Oh well!]

Once at home, after a heavy journey full of shopping bags, we got ready to meet the Beef and his friend Gibb. We followed them to a very busy Adventure Bar on Battersea Rise and... There are not many photos beyond that.

We should have days like this every so often to make us appreciate the city we live in! Miss you already joly <3

6 thoughts on “A day with a twin.

  1. Adoreeei o post! Fez-me querer voltar aí! (Não que alguma vez tivesse vontade de ir embora quando vou a Londres, para dizer a verdade xD)

    O mercado de Portobello é sem dúvida uma das minhas paragens preferidas :)

  2. It looks like you had an amazing time. I love posts like this, you seem like great friends.

  3. Obrigadaaa Ines! Adoro Portobello tambem, e' mega!

  4. Thanks a lot Lisa! We did really have a great day :) I would love you to follow me so you can see more of these xx

  5. Because i love your blog so dearly i have nominated you for a blogger award! Here is the link:

  6. Thanks so much Maddy, you're the best :) I will check your post now xx


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