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In love with... #5: the new sunglasses

It's been like a whole year since I started looking for new sunglasses. It's ridiculous I know. But for some reason I just couldn't find the right ones, they all seemed so normal and the same as the ones everyone already has and probably bought last season. Unacceptable! So, in a moment of madness, while my Mum was buying some proper reading glasses that make her look mega fashionable, I picked up these beauties - do we always treat sunglasses as a plural noun?! Weird - and fell in love. The brand is new to me, never heard of Thierry Lasry before but the sales dude said it was his favourite - of course he would...! I'm very happy with my purchase though. Now a bit of sun to bring them out of the box wouldn't be bad...

Sunglasses: Thierry Lasry

One thoughts on “In love with... #5: the new sunglasses

  1. The sunglasses looks stylish to see and keep our eyes cool from sun and will protect our eyes.
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