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Hello Massive Monday, Goodbye Portuguese Legend

Happy first Monday of the year! Do you live in London? Maybe not so happy for you then, if you had to face the tube this morning. It's impressive! The year starts, the holidays end, the rain continues - you can expect madness in the tube. People under trains (and I mean it!), lines closing, stations overcrowded, all sorts of things. It's like the tube has never run before and it's all a new world. But it's not. Same old, my friends! And to think I was reading in the morning this is the day where more life changes happen - people quitting jobs, ditching boyfriends, getting divorces. It's called Massive Monday. It has a name so it is for real! How had I never heard of this before?! Does it not happen in Portugal? Maybe not. Or maybe I didn't read as much news when I was over there.

On a slightly unrelated note, I would like to say my public goodbye to a great Portuguese Man that left us yesterday. Eus├ębio was an amazing football player that took Portugal and Benfica to international news, being known all over the world. He also proved to be an exemplar Man, with good principles and an immense love for his country. May he rest in peace and may this world never forget him. Today, the Kings' Day, his funeral took place and you could see an entire nation together - despite their club or team - to honour this Man we all knew. These things give me the chills and that's for a good reason. It's because it does matter. <3

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