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Edinburgh, the Beefs' holiday

I'm baaack. To London and to the Blog. And to the tube strikes & craziness of work and day to day life. Buah. Edinburgh was a-mazing, so amazing I couldn't hold off this post for long! Definitely need to start booking more long weekends as they actually feel like a proper holiday - says the person who has just booked flights for each month until May (NEW YORK, haaaa!). This time I can say I've been on an actual English holiday. And dare I say, these guys know their sh*it. 

[Note to self: when trying to type sh*t in a work email, maybe don't write the actual word with a star in the middle - that is obviously not the point.]

Holidays are still holidays if you don't wake up at 7am; if you don't walk around every minute of the day until your feet bleed; if you don't go to every museum in town; if you don't carry a TimeOut guide with you. I know, I know, it's debatable. Some of you will say you have to get as much of it as you can and for that you need to give up sleeping, eat while walking and visit every little chapel. However, I do enjoy walking around in my own time, stop to eat, stop to drink, do some shopping and get a little drunk. That's just how I roll. And apparently this English family rolls with me. 

Arrived on Thursday evening and Big Head Joe picked us up from the airport. What a sweetie. Oh, that's another thing. I do enjoy going on a city break where a friend is there to give you tips and take you to cool places. Going out with the locals is my thing - turism by itself, not so much. 

Some cocktails for the road, check! Next morning came early-ish, with the most amazing English breakfast cooked by my fav Host. Was clearly too hungry to take a snap, soz. The day went by with a visit to Edinburgh's Castle and a stop at the pub with some very political discussions. 

Immediately fell in love with the city, the views & the cute pubs everywhere.

(I know it's Cafe Rouge and we have it here but God it's cute!)

(For a moment I thought I was in a Harry Potter film, I admit it)

And the weekend went by just like that. A lot of fun, good laughs (mainly at my stupidity at at Joe's big head), amazing food and drunken drinks would sum it up. Perf.

No, his face is not usually this yellow...

More outfit posts to come...

Missing you already, you crazy little people. You rock. That's why you're on the blog. X

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