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Hi guys! How's that Tuesday going? Mine was quite eventful at work but nothing that a good dinner doesn't solve (if the Beef ever shows up!). So I come to ask for your help this time. I started the pink blog because I wanted to show my clothes and tell my stories to the world. But, more importantly, I want to inspire someone out there and find people that can identify themselves with me & the blog! People that like to come here, have a good laugh, get some ideas for tomorrow's outfit they can't be bothered to choose, have a look at the new trends, get some tips on good restaurants to show off on a date or check some wallet-liking purchases that cheer anyone up, anytime.

For that, I've set up my About Me (or Me, Me, Me as I like to call it in memory of my old flatmates) page & and email address that you can get in touch with. I know, I know most of you find comments quite awkward (even the ones who do have a blog!) or just can't really be arsed to type something in. So now you have a way to contact me with anything you want to ask, any suggestions or things you'd like me to post about, any questions about the outfits & clothes I wear and you want to wear too! Pleaseeee do get in touch and let me know what you think - it will help keep me going!

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M x

5 thoughts on “You tell me!

  1. You should let really charismatic but eccentric fashion chaps to come do guest modelling, that would really raise the profile and target groups of fashion concious youths that pander to such role models.

  2. Hola chica - where did you get the case for your macbook???? I think it was from the Beef right? I need one!! Maybe not pink, i leave that for you :)

    1. Hellooo chica! Yep, he gave me on my birthday. Think he got it from Apple Store really but I'm sure you can get it cheaper and as nice on eBay! Haha, piiiink <3 miss you xx

  3. Eu digo que gosto de ler o teu blog como quem lê uma história. Não pela roupa claro :P que não vou vestir saias.. ainda não me deu para isso. Mas é um bom entertainment dá para rir com a maneira que escreves!
    Gonçalo your bestman!

    1. Awww bestman, que amor! Mil obrigadas, és o meu mais fiel seguidor! Vou continuar a por uns posts mais cómicos para nunca te fartares :) Beijinhos


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