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All about #ModaLisboa

A last minute trip to Portugal to visit the crazy family, a last minute outfit purchase after a flight spent reading LOOK Magazine, a last minute ticket to Lisbon Fashion Week (aka Moda Lisboa). Ahhhh. What could have been better than arriving at my lovely hometown only to realise Fashion Week was happening that weekend? Other than a Chanel bag waiting for me at home, nothing really. 

So that was it, the awesome Patricia from Food, Fashion and Make Up blog - check it out here, you're going to loooove it! - got me 2 tickets for Moda Lisboa and I took my sister to look at some clothes. Well you know me, I obvs enjoyed looking at the clothes everyone was wearing much more than the actual catwalk ones. But the whole thing just got me excited. Cameras, photographers, free fashion magazines, clothes and pretty (ok, some were very weird) people. All that to add to the sunniest day in months - you got me beyond hysterical. 

Had bought these trousers at (the usual trip to) Zara the day before and didn't even think twice. Must say they are a tiny bit warm, being made of that fabric I hate that feels like I'm inside of a scuba-diving suit. But they dressed well and were awesome so got them & love them. Sis was looking so great that I still have nightmares for not having a yellow blaser like that.

Some photoshoots later, we went in to watch Lidija Kolovrat's show - sorry, never heard of you Lidija, but you haven't done too bad. 

Some Portuguese celebs, some more goodies, a lot more photos...

Special stop at Eureka's showcase, our very fav Portuguese brand that has the best shoes EVER (see here and here). We've been told they have a Flagship Store in Porto that is to die for! Next trip to Porto, don't miss out. 

The whole thing lasted only for a couple of hours but we got the taste. And it was good gossip, that's for sure. Next stop - September's London Fashion Week if I'm so lucky and my lovely Sara from Lady Lipstick does super well in her fashion degree. Muah x

["My Blog is bigger than yours"]

7 thoughts on “All about #ModaLisboa

  1. Aw you mentoined me! We will be there, don't you worry! x

  2. Loved this post! I didn't even know Lisbon had fashion week! Hm, bad fashion blogger? I love the location it was set, the buildings look beautiful but all Portuguese buildings look nice ;) I'd love to go one time, I must keep an eye out :P X

  3. Of course I mentioned you Sara! Hope soooo x

  4. Thanks Patricia! Haha you need to go to Lisbon more often! It was in Patio da Gale (Terreiro do Paco) - amazing! x

  5. Glad I found your blog on lookbook!
    Amazing pictures

    Follow and support each other?
    Let me know!

  6. Hellooo! Of course, popping by your blog now :) xx

  7. Olá a sister do blaser amarelo gostou muito do programa! :).
    Assim que encontrar um do genero e pelo preço deste (pechincha) compro!
    Love the picts.


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