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In love with... #10: the new purse

Finally went on a trip to Selfridges last night - had a £200 voucher to spend since 6 months ago, I know, outrageous! I had it in my mind I was going to buy a bag, a good one. I also had in my mind a list of my favourite ones, all mega awesome, mega fabulous and... mega expensive. Chanel, Proenza Schouler, BalenciagaGivenchy, CĂ©line... Yes, dream on. And because these beauties were in my head like one of those massive headaches that don't go away, I didn't settle for anything under the (ridiculously high) bar. So, I didn't get a bag in the end but I did get an amazing DKNY purse to replace my ancient Mango one. Kind of an upgrade, no?

I hope you're not thinking I spent £200 on this purse - I obviously didn't. I still have quite a few pounds to make me wander around Selfridges again, hopefully gossiping with Sara ( and following it up with a tapas dinner in a crazy soho place! Perfect plan. 

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