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Men, at their most useless state

I've been thinking a lot about this subject and whether or not I should pick on the other species one more time. I just can't help it, can I?! They are such an easy target that spring my feminism levels right to the top. This one is about those men (in case you were still wondering who I was talking about) that decide to accompany their lovely wife/girlfriend/partner/sister/mum-for-Christ-sake to the shops. You know, when they go shopping. No, I don't mean food or furniture shopping. I mean actual clothes. Please tell me you've never noticed an inanimate soul standing in Zara, not looking at anything, not doing anything, just taking up OUR space. Yes, you have and yes, it is our space. Especially because they are always in our way, just when you need to pick that specific rail to get size 36 as 38 is way too big (you did start that diet so you will fit in that 36 no matter what!). There they are, huge, clumsy, knocking half of the hangers down and occupying an unmeasurable amount of space that you could be using to buy that perfect top that would change your life. I'm starting to sound like Rebecca Bloomwood from Confessions of a shopaholic, next step is to make up excuses not to pay my credit card bill. No, only joking.

Anyway, I've asked myself why this happens. And I can't help but blame women. Whyyyy on earth would you ask/let your man come browsing clothes with you?! Who would want such misery? You want their opinion? I can tell you right now they will say you look good in that slutty dress or bad in that skirt that looks like it came out of your grandmother's wardrobe. Or just the opposite, if he's the conservative (aka jealous!) type he will say that dress shows way too much skin and your mum wouldn't be proud. Here's me generalising as usual - I know there may be one or two exceptions that like (cough, pretend!) to have an opinion and are not that bad after all. But for these ones - they STILL take up some precious space that could be much better used; And they wander around the fitting rooms when I want to see myself in the big mirror outside, which is awkward (for him and for you!); And... it's just wrong.

The only thing they're good for is to carry our one-too-many bags - and for that, my friends, they can wait outside.

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