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There is a BLOGGERS competition - I'm in.

OMG. There is actually a Bloggers competition going on that doesn't only feature the very Top blogs out there. So I'm all in, obvs. Now that I'm taking this blogging thing more seriously, it would be amazing just to have the opportunity to meet other bloggers out there and get the most out of it. I think that's the best part of it really... Well apart from the fact that I have an excuse to take pictures of me on my clothes all the time and therefore have to buy more! Anyway. So Company Magazine is rolling this out by the 3rd Year now and this time in association with Missguided - which makes us even more excited (don't forget they have just done a collection with Nicole Sherzinger... Yes, Nicole!).

It would mean the whole world plus the other Universe that must be hidden somewhere if you spent 1 min and 34 seconds (not more than that, I reassure you!) to get in the website below and vote for me! Mega easy, see:

1. Click here to go to the website

2. Click Next Page

3. Choose the Best Personal Style Blog (newcomer) - I am a baby blog after all!

4. Type in your email address, my blog URL ( and why you like it!

By doing this, you also get the chance of winning a £250 voucher by re-tweeting the below - 

Easy Peasy, that's how you say it, right?! Pretty pretty pleaseeeeee! Thanks everyone for keep coming back <3

Mariana x

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