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All White: Should I stay or Should I go?

I've been stuck with this one for a little while now and think I finally made my mind about it. What's with the sudden comeback of the All White outfits?! In fact, what's with the comeback of the one-colour outfits in general? Not too long ago you were weird for matching up too much, for mixing brown with black or, even more outrageous, dark blue with black. Now, there's not one day you don't see someone wearing an one-colour outfit or just a matching trousers & blazer with an eccentric pattern. I must say I usually have my doubts about these kind of comeback trends but I think... I'm actually falling for this one. 

And no one does it better than Danielle from WeWoreWhat. It just works, weirdly, but it does. I absolutely love the mix with the denim jacket as well as the oversized camel coat she sometimes wears (check mine here and here).

Some of my other favourite bloggers don't stay behind though...

Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad

 Zina from Fashion Vibe

I've been debating so much about this subject that it somehow came up with the boys even. Apparently, in their (very fashionable & knowledgeable) minds, white jeans are still seen as a bit cheesy too much - yes Russy, this is for you. Guess we're gonna have to change their minds, huh?!

And just to finalise on the matching trousers & blazer, have I mentioned I can't stop thinking about the minute I'll get my hands on this one Jourdan is rocking?! Oh yes, I have...

Check her full Today I'm wearing post for VOGUE here and be as desperate as I am!

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