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Oh, hairdressers...

Yes, you know what's coming. The general feeling for the majority of the hairdressers - deep hate and desire that they get all their hair ripped from their stupid heads.

So, you remember my lovely long summer hair. Yes, I (barely) do too. And yes, it's all GONE. Decided not to wait to go back home to get my hair done since it was starting to feel like I had a big wig with hair constantly broken and falling off - in 2 and a half years I never got one single haircut in London, scared that my indications got somehow lost in translation (no wonder...).

Went to the new Headmasters in Camden as it was 50% off - I refuse to pay 50£ for the simplest haircut in the history of the haircuts. Got there and was treated like a princess - took my coat, offered me champagne and introduced themselves like I was in a job interview or something. But all very nice. There was this super-nice-very-gay guy saying he would be my hairdresser bla bla bla. Had an awesome hair + chair massage and then it came to the worst part. 
Told him I wanted my hair to fall on my shoulders, quite short but not too much so it wouldn't hang in there like an old mop. That obviously got lost in translation as he decided to cut off MORE THAN HALF of my hair and leave me with the shortest hair I've ever had.

Getting used to it now but needless to say I felt like killing someone when I got home that night.


Tip to all hairdressers out there: the reason why we HATE you it's not because you're not nice. It's because either you're bad at maths (2 fingers mean 2 fingers and not 3 and a half) or you just enjoy causing pain to poor girls like me. Just take a minimum of 2 fingers to every request we make. We're stupid and imagine stuff in our heads that only works in films really. If we want more, you can always cut it afterwards and be the hero; otherwise you'll be very lucky not to get punched in the face!

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