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Stuck on TV #2

Ok, I'm not actually stuck on TV with this one anymore, mainly because it's... Over. The. Saddest. Day. Of. My. Life. I miss the characters, I miss the houses, I miss the parties, I miss the catfights but most of all, I miss the CLOTHES and Blair Waldorf. If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm talking about Gossip Girl.

I know the name of this post is in the present but I almost feel like I'm betraying Blair and Serena for not opening this post type with their series. I was stuck to it for like 5 years - it's too good. I guess because I have this thing with New York and the whole fashion blast and they sleep in Chanel... Bitches. I'm pretty sure everyone that will potentially read anything on my blog will know or seen Gossip Girl but in case I'm wrong, this one is all about high end fashion, super rich families, crazy friendships and all drama that comes with it. It's young, it's up to date, it's fresh and it has that bit of drama we all love. AND it features two of my fav celebs - Leighton Meester & Blake Lively. Pretty, pretty and pretty. Bitches.

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